10 Ways to Give to The Fortune Society

10 Ways to Give to The Fortune Society


2018 was an incredible year that saw great strides in the movement to reform New York City’s criminal justice system. From Mayor Bill de Blasio’s announcement of Rikers Island’s closure to our inspiring night of Hope & Justice, the year affirmed our commitment to reimagine freedom for individuals with justice involvement. In fact, over 7,000 people with incarceration histories found the support to succeed through our holistic resources.

As the year comes to a close, there are many ways to help us make 2019 even more successful. Consider the 10 unique ways below to support our mission.

1. Share a Fortune Success Story


Give to The Fortune Society by sharing a Fortune success story

Every day at Fortune, we see the impact of our work through the individuals who walk through our doors. Here, people of various backgrounds converge with a shared belief: That people are worth more than their mistakes. This holiday, help others see what hope looks like. Introduce them to Marcellus Colon, Mario McCaa, Cinthia Candelaria, and more—people who found transformative compassion thanks to our tailored services and compassionate staff.

2. Double Your Monetary Impact with The Company You Work For


Give to The Fortune Society by doubling your monetary impact with the company you work for

Did you know that many corporations match donations made by their employees to charitable organizations? Visit Double the Donation to see if your company supports matching contributions you make to The Fortune Society. It’s a super-simple way to increase your impact and change lives.

3. Refer a Friend or Family Member


Give to The Fortune by referring a friend or family member

In one way or another, we’re all impacted by the criminal justice system. For many of us, it hits particularly close to home: It is believed that one in four women have a family member who is in prison and 1 in 28 (2.7 million) U.S. children have an incarcerated parent. Simply talking to family and friends about Fortune could lead a loved down a path of healing and transformation. Initiate the conversation at your next family function.

4. Watch Both Sides of the Bars


On Both Sides of the Bars, our Associate Vice President of Policy, Khalil Cumberbatch, engages in insightful dialogue with key leaders in the criminal justice reform movement. The television program is currently syndicated on 40 television stations in 19 states. See how to watch and discover past episodes.

5. Set a New Years Resolution to Train for the NYC Marathon


Give to The Fortune Society by setting a New Years resolution to train for the NYC Marathon

Every year, Fortune participants and staff run to transform lives at the New York City marathon. The funds raised from this inspiring event directly help more individuals with justice involvement find hope through Fortune’s services. Join the incredible team, The Fortune Flyers, in 2019. Applications will be available on our website soon but email info@fortunesociety.org for more information.

6. Keep Up to Date via Email and Social Media


Give to The Fortune Society by keeping up to date via email and social media

Subscribe to The Fortune Weekly and connect with us on social media for information on events like our Creative Arts festival, advocacy initiatives, and more. We also post frequent updates on Fortune job listings, news from the world of criminal justice, and inspiring Fortune stories—all the more reason to stay in the know.

7. Ask for Donations to Fortune in Lieu of Holiday Gifts


Give to The Fortune Society by asking for donations to the organization in lieu of holiday gifts

It is estimated that suburban shoppers will spend an average of $1,362 this holiday season. Allocating just a small portion of this money into charitable giving instead of consumer spending could transform thousands of lives.

Add The Fortune Society to your holiday wish list by setting up an easy way to solicit donations, such as a Facebook Fundraiser. While you certainly deserve good gifts, this simple gesture could help others discover the gift of new chances, too.

8. Encourage Your Employer to Hire Individuals with Justice Involvement


Give to The Fortune Society by encouraging your employer to hire individuals with justice involvement

A steady career is vital to successful community reentry. Unfortunately, many individuals with justice involvement still suffer under stigma associated with their past. Though last year the de Blasio administration announced a Jails to Jobs program, which guarantees short-term employment for individuals leaving city jails, many individuals are still unable to find secure employment years after their release.

This holiday, remind your employer that you welcome individuals with justice involvement as colleagues. Encourage your Human Resources department to connect with Fortune’s Employment Services program, in order for your company to be represented at our next job fair and other career-building opportunities for participants.

By extending an invitation for individuals with justice involvement to succeed, your company can help transform the trajectory of entire communities.

9. Join David’s Circle


Give to The Fortune Society by joining David's Circle

Your support for The Fortune Society can be a lasting part of your legacy. David’s Circle, named after Fortune founder David Rothenberg, is a society of individuals committed to including Fortune as a beneficiary in their will, trust, or financial account.

This distinguished group of individuals will help ensure that Fortune remains a vital resource for individuals impacted by incarceration in the generations to come. Learn more today.

10. Subscribe to The Fortune News


Give to The Fortune Society by subscribing to The Fortune News

The Fortune News, our biannual publication, offers comprehensive insight into the nuanced aspects of our criminal justice system. Past issues include deep dives on the upcoming closure of Rikers Island, voter disenfranchisement, aging in the criminal justice system, and more.

Subscribe today by emailing info@fortunesociety.org. Please note that the subscription fee for individuals who are not incarcerated is $30.

*Article by Root Stitches LLC

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