Both Sides of the Bars

Both Sides of the Bars

"Both Sides of the Bars" is a discussion-driven television program hosted by our Associate Vice President of Policy, Khalil A. Cumberbatch. Featuring experts within the criminal justice field, the monthly program tackles critical questions about how the current system works, its intersections with social justice, and highlights the efforts that are being made to improve the lives of those impacted. 

The program is produced in conjunction with Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), a public access channel in New York, NY, but has national relevance and reach. "Both Sides of the Bars" is currently syndicated on 41 television stations, in nineteen states.

“Both Sides of the Bars” is typically broadcast on the first Sunday of every month at 9 PM EST on New York City’s Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), syndicated on select public access television stations nationwide, and posted online.

The next episode will premiere on MNN in December.

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Catch “Both Sides of the Bars” on the following television stations (check local listings for details):

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“Both Sides of the Bars” episodes are posted to The Fortune Society’s YouTube channel the week after its initial airing on MNN. Subscribe to the channel to get the latest updates.

Watch past episodes of “Both Sides of the Bars” via the YouTube playlist below: 

Interested in airing “Both Sides of the Bars”?

The program is available at no charge to public access TV stations interested in ready-to-broadcast educational content.

Station managers may contact Paul Hyman at for more information.

For other questions or comments: 

Contact Achante Sims at for other “Both Sides of the Bars” inquiries.

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