David’s Circle

The Fortune Society founder David Rothenberg

Establish a lasting legacy by providing for The Fortune Society in your estate plans. 

By naming The Fortune Society as a beneficiary in your will or living trust, you will help ensure our future and support successful reentry and justice advocacy for generations to come. 

Learn more about charitable estate planning below.

David’s Circle: Funding Fortune’s Future

David RothenbergThe Fortune Society is honored to launch David’s Circle, our legacy society named in tribute to our founder, David Rothenberg. We invite you to join David’s Circle by including The Fortune Society as a beneficiary in your will, trust, or financial account. Legacy giving is an opportunity to communicate your values and dreams for the kind of society you hope to pass onto future generations—and Fortune’s vision is to foster a world where all who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated can thrive as positive, contributing members of society.

David’s Circle members will enjoy:

  • Subscription to our newsletter and annual report
  • Recognition in our newsletter, annual report, and other materials
  • Invitations to special events

Joining David’s Circle is simple. No immediate donation is necessary. Establish any of the following estate plan gifts, and you will qualify for membership:

  • Name The Fortune Society in your will or living trust
  • Designate The Fortune Society as a beneficiary of your retirement account or other financial account
  • Make The Fortune Society the beneficiary of your life insurance policy
  • Make a gift to The Fortune Society from your IRA account (for age 70 ½ and older)

You can make your gift anonymous or, with your permission, we will publicly acknowledge your commitment in our listing of David’s Circle members. The Fortune Society will ensure that your wishes are followed and that your generosity will have a lasting effect on the Fortune Society and the communities we serve.

Below is information you will need to provide to your attorney to name the Fortune Society as a beneficiary in your estate plans:

Name: The Fortune Society, Inc.
Address: 29-76 Northern Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101
EIN/Tax ID: 13-2645436

Sample Bequest Language:

“I hereby give, devise and bequeath to The Fortune Society, Inc., located at 29-76 Northern Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101, [$_____ specific dollar amount or _____ percent of my residuary estate], to further the mission of The Fortune Society.”

Once you have completed arrangements with your lawyer or financial planner, please send a copy of the relevant section of your will or beneficiary form that details your charitable plan. This will enable us to express our thanks and acknowledge you for your generosity and commitment to our work. Of course, we understand your circumstances may change and you can change your planned gift at any time.

  1. For more information about joining David’s Circle, please contact: development@fortunesociety.org

Fortune staff and participants attend a Transitional Work program graduationBequests 

Bequests are provisions in your will or revocable trust that designate how your assets will be distributed after your lifetime. Charitable bequests can eliminate or reduce federal estate tax and are among the most flexible ways of giving because you have the option of changing your mind at any time. Bequests can designate a specific dollar amount or specific item or can be expressed as a percentage of your residuary estate.

Beneficiary Designations 

Simply designating the Fortune Society as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, insurance policy, or other financial account is one of the easiest ways to realize your charitable goals while continuing to enjoy the benefits of your assets during your lifetime. You may also benefit from significant tax savings by avoiding both estate taxes and income taxes in your estate. As with bequests, you may change your mind at any time.

IRA Rollover Gifts 

If you are already age 70 ½ or older, you are eligible to make tax-free gifts to The Fortune Society directly from your IRA account with no taxable income. Additionally, these gifts also qualify towards your annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) – saving further on any taxes you might been required to pay as a result of your RMD. The current law allows you use this tax-wise method for up to $100,000 a year to qualified charities of your choice.

For more information about any of these charitable estate planning ideas or to explore other giving options, please contact development@fortunesociety.org.

David’s Circle Members

Mary Ann Claxton

David and Katie Crum

Gerald D. Eber

Carole and Richard Eisner

Pamela Greenspan-Ercole

Charles Eubanks

Richard E. Feldman, President of the SHS Foundation

Jill Godmillow 

L. Dennis Kozlowski, Chairperson, The Fortune Society Board of Directors

Linda Lavin

JoAnne Page

Betty P. Rauch

Audrey Rosen

David Rothenberg

Beverly and Paul Woodward

Naomi Zurcher

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