For more than half a century, The Fortune Society has provided justice-involved people with the tools, resources and support they need to live as successful and contributing members of their communities.

Since 1967, we have helped tens of thousands of formerly incarcerated people successfully reenter the community. Our holistic range of services has helped our participants transform and rebuild their lives after incarceration.

To learn more about our impact, watch a powerful video about how The Fortune Society’s services rebuild lives.


“The Fortune Society made me realize a lot of good things about myself. I can love myself, I can care about myself. And it gave me the opportunity to live my life a little differently than [when] I was on Rikers Island.”

Fortune participant and resident at the Castle
  • Emilio

    “I’m a totally different person, and it’s a blessing that Fortune has done this for me.”

    Former ATI participant and the Castle Residential Aid
  • Kareem

    “I'm happy with what I learned. I'm constantly going out every day trying to learn more and that's my mindset.”

    Former participant and Bloomberg Fortune Fellow
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  • Thabbit

    “The food program at Fortune is a godsend. They give good nutritious food items—vegetables, eggs, butter—all kinds of wonderful things.”

    Fortune participant and resident at Castle Gardens
  • Annette

    “It doesn’t matter what you did. It’s about what you’re going to do. So, I love Fortune.”

    Fortune Participant

Of Fortune Academy participants in transitional housing successfully moved to more stable housing

“I was accepted into the Fortune family and moved into [the Castle]. I was able to find family, friendship and guidance in a safe, secure place.”

Fortune Participant and resident at The Castle
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