We stand in pain. We stand in solidarity. We stand in action.

We stand in pain. We stand in solidarity. We stand in action.


At The Fortune Society, we know all too well that nothing about this moment is new. Racism is built into America’s very foundation and permeates every aspect of our society.

In kinship with those who are always in our hearts, but who are separated from us by bars, we stand with you. To those who have made it back to us, we stand with you. To Black communities across the nation, we stand with you—in pain, in solidarity, and in action.

Police reform and accountability are imperative in the fight to dismantle racism and achieve justice. Fortune stands shoulder to shoulder with protestors, advocates, leaders, and organizations who are lighting the way forward.

Over the coming weeks, we will follow up with specific, suggested ways for you, the Fortune community, to channel your rage, pain, and love into meaningful actions to create lasting police and criminal justice reform. We do this in honor of GEORGE FLOYD, BREONNA TAYLOR, AHMAUD ARBERY, and all Black Americans who suffer inequality and injustice every day.

Black Lives Matter.

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