Sisters Running Again as Fortune Flyers

Sisters Running Again as Fortune Flyers


Joanna and Sarah are sisters on the Fortune Flyers team once again, running in the New York City Marathon to support The Fortune Society.

“We wanted to run again because now it feels like our team, like our family. We found this great, small way to be involved with the Fortune Society so it feels good to keep doing it,” said Sarah.

Joanna first found the Fortune Society a decade ago through an online search – she was looking for organizations to donate used books to and came across Fortune. She was intrigued and inspired by the mission, so she signed up to receive The Fortune Weekly, our email newsletter.

“I just enjoyed reading about the organization’s work, and each year, I saw the Fortune Flyers advertised,” said Joanna. “Running for the Fortune Society is a way to support people reentering society.”

Sarah has run marathons in the past and was brought onto the Fortune Flyers team through her sister: “I thought it was great. I had run marathons before but it is such an amazing experience to be able to run the New York City Marathon and to feel like you’re doing it for a purpose other than your personal benefit.”  

Since becoming Fortune Flyers, Joanna and Sarah have been able to learn more about Fortune’s services. Joanna is a tenants’ rights lawyer and has a particular appreciation for Fortune’s justice-involved housing initiatives.

“It is really great to have a place where people can live in community with one another and receive support and also really vital, stable housing," said Joanna.

We are grateful to have Joanna and Sarah as part of the Fortune Flyer team and for their ongoing support!

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