Seven Ways to Stay Involved with The Fortune Society

Seven Ways to Stay Involved with The Fortune Society


Despite the challenges of COVID-19, The Fortune Society is continuing to provide services and advocate for criminal justice reform—and there are many ways you can stay involved while social distancing. Whether you’re an advocate, leader, supporter, or simply looking to learn more about criminal justice reform, it’s more important than ever to stay informed about these urgent issues and efforts to address them.

Here are seven ways to stay involved with Fortune from home:

1) Read and share our resource guide

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of links to resources and information to help people stay updated, informed and connected during unprecedented times. With nearly 20 sections on areas ranging from accessing benefits to enrolling in healthcare and voting during COVID-19, this guide aims to help you and your loved ones stay connected to key programs, services and information.

Read and share it here.

2) Listen to Episode Two of our podcast and subscribe

Episode Two of our podcast “Inside Fortune” sheds light on the experiences of “systems babies,” or children who grew up under state custody such as foster care and spent most of their ensuing years in and out of state systems. Through interviews with two Fortune staff members, our Founder David Rothenberg explores how childhood circumstances can inevitably lead to justice involvement.

Listen to the episode on our website, on Spotify, or on iTunes, and subscribe.

 3) Enjoy resources from Fortune’s CARE Guide

During uncertain times, it can be difficult to maintain mental, emotional and physical well-being. To help you through this, we created our CARE Guide (Community and Arts Resources for Everyone), a list of arts, learning and wellness resources, ranging from free movies to fitness and virtual art tours.

View and share our Arts, Learning and Wellness Resources

View and share our Kid and Teen Friendly Resources

4) Read the latest issue of The Fortune News

Our latest issue of The Fortune News, our print publication sent to incarcerated people across the country, highlights access to healthcare and treatment for people with justice involvement. Themed “Care Management,” this edition provides valuable resources on navigating medical care during and after incarceration. Through a range of perspectives and articles, it aims to help people with justice involvement improve their health and well-being.

Read the full issue.

5) Watch a recording of our recent panel

On April 20th, we held a virtual panel on COVID-19, Rikers, and Technical Parole Violations. It was an engaging discussion and call to action to reduce incarceration on Rikers, especially during COVID-19, and change New York’s policy of reincarcerating people for minor technical parole violations. Panelists included an individual recently released from Rikers, Assemblyman Walter T. Mosley, and experts from the Legal Aid Society, Just Leadership, Katal Center, the Women’s Community Justice Association, The Bronx Defenders, the Columbia University Justice Lab, and the NYC Board of Correction.

 Watch a full recording on Youtube.

6) Read compelling stories on our blog

On our blog, we uplift the voices of Fortune community members, including participants, staff, board members, volunteers, and most importantly, individuals impacted by the criminal justice system. Our blog tells personal stories of finding hope, transformation, and growth, and becoming powerful advocates for reform.

Here are some of the stories:

Reimagining identity through education in prison

Passing on Positivity: Michelle’s Story of Recovery and Redemption

How volunteering at Fortune changed Gus’s perspective

 7) Watch Both Sides of the Bars

Both Sides of the Bars, Fortune’s monthly TV show broadcast on 91 TV stations across 26 states, has all episodes available on Youtube. Hosted by Andre Ward, AVP of the David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy, the show features experts in the criminal justice field, tackling critical questions about how the system works, its intersections with social justice, and efforts to improve the lives of people impacted.

Watch past episodes on Youtube. 

To stay updated throughout COVID-19, follow The Fortune Society on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also subscribe to our e-newsletter, The Fortune Weekly, here

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