Reimagine Freedom

Reimagine Freedom


“If I hadn’t come to Fortune, I would probably still be in the streets, incarcerated, or dead,” says Vladimir, a former Fortune participant and current staff member.

Though individuals released from incarceration are no longer behind bars, there are many hurdles that can prevent their successful reentry into the community. Legal barriers and widespread stigmatization make it difficult to access housing, employment, education, mental health, substance use treatment, and health care.

Through reentry services and advocacy efforts, The Fortune Society supports over 7,000 individuals in rebuilding and transforming their lives. Help us reimagine freedom for people impacted by the justice system. Make a donation today.

“Fortune provides the tools […] when you have them, you can go anywhere you want to,” states Eleanor, a resident of The Fortune Academy (the Castle), our transitional housing development.


From working to close Rikers Island jail complex to providing housing and employment opportunities, your support is critical to helping people thrive in the community after incarceration.

“I’ve been in and out of jail since I was 15. I was a mess,” recalls Gregory, a resident of the Castle and a Creative Arts participant. “What Fortune allowed me to do made a big difference in my life,” he says.


#GivingTuesday is on November 27. Help individuals like Vladimir, Eleanor, and Gregory truly become free. Together, we can reimagine freedom for thousands of individuals like them.

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*Article by Emerson Soto, Director of Communications and Fundraising Campaigns at The Fortune Society

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