Passing Generosity Forward: Francisco’s Story After Prison

Passing Generosity Forward: Francisco’s Story After Prison


Brick by brick, long periods of incarceration build internal walls of mistrust. Closed off from the world, many individuals with justice involvement maintain a deep sense of guarded isolation, which can remain with them even after release.

“…while you’re incarcerated, you kind of have this ‘me against the world’ mentality,” notes Fortune Resume Writer Francisco. In a constant state of defense, it’s difficult to ask for help. But, as Francisco encountered after three years in prison, successful reentry without support is a very difficult journey. ‘It was like looking into an abyss,” he shares, “I felt really defeated.”

Seeing his struggle, a relative told him about The Fortune Society. Here, in a caring environment with people who shared his story, Francisco found tools to break down the barriers hindering his success.

Francisco, resume writer at The Fortune Society

“Everyone knows you on a first-name basis. If they see you’re having a rough day, people at the front desk will call you out by your name and say ‘Hey. How are you doing?’ They’ll actually stop what they’re doing and talk to you. There’s just a level of compassion and sincerity that I’ve never seen before.”

Through programs uniquely tailored to address each aspect of an individual with justice involvement’s life, Francisco discovered a limitless future. After completing the Soft Skills Job Readiness Training program within our Employment Services program, he was motivated to replace searching for temporary jobs to striving for a long-lasting career. That newfound motivation, coupled with other insight learned in our Social Services program, illuminated a desire to be of service to others. As a result, Francisco became an intern through the Employment Services’ Transitional Work Program (TWP), putting passion to practice by guiding participants to promising employment opportunities. The experience set his sights on higher education in nonprofit management. It’s new territory for Francisco, but he’s ready for the challenge.

“…Fortune really gave me that helping hand and gave me the clarity that I have now,” he shares, “…I wanna go to college now. I wanna get a degree. I wanna be successful, and these are things that I never thought were possible.”

Instead of walls, Fortune builds bridges. The culture of care that is threaded in each program inspires an infectious kind of hope, which crosses boundaries. Francisco is a direct testament to this. Today, as a resume writer, he co-facilitates weekly mentoring programs that help participants navigate each aspect of the career building process, such as managing stress, developing strong interview skills, and maintaining workplace etiquette.

Simply put: Our people-first approach to community reentry works.

“…because of this program, when I see someone that needs help it makes me wanna help people more,” he says, “…it’s just passing that generosity forward.”

Francisco, resume writer at The Fortune Society

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