Highlights From Our Community Open Mic

Highlights From Our Community Open Mic


At The Fortune Society, we understand the power of words. Humanizing terms to describe the population we serve encourage respect and empathy. These feelings are reinforced each day through the services we provide—from the safe places offered in our Housing program to the compassion extended in our Substance Use Treatment program. 

In our Creative Arts program, participants uncover the power of words as a tool for positive self expression. Through poetry and music, individuals with justice involvement can heal from past trauma and discover a hopeful future. 

These sentiments were strongly felt in our December 18 Community Open Mic. At this event, Fortune participants and staff, as well as talented contributors from partner organizations, create an unforgettable night of transformation. 

"I am a book ready to be read. / I am a poem ready to be told."

- Shiamel Steadwell

Many of the works shared at our Community Open Mic are featured in the latest edition of Voice of Fortune, our annual publication of community-centered writing and artwork. We encourage you to read and share this incredible body of work—it provides a glimpse into the nuanced perspectives of people impacted a justice system in need of reform.

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