Generous 2021 Tax Benefits for Charitable Giving

Generous 2021 Tax Benefits for Charitable Giving


In 2020, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Recovery (CARES) Act in order to protect citizens from the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Among other things, the CARES Act allows people to include “above-the-line” charitable deductions up to $300 for those who do not itemize their tax expenses 

 This generous benefit has fortunately been extended through 2021 and made even better for those filing jointly. For individuals that don’t itemize, you can still deduct up to $300 for charitable contributions made in 2021, and for those filing jointly, you can now deduct up to $600 or $300 for each person.  

If you do itemize, you can’t claim the $300 deduction–but this year, there is a new provision just for you: you can now take a deduction for charitable contributions up to 100% of your adjusted gross income (up from 20-60% of AGI in prior years).  

Remember that these benefits only apply to gifts made in 2021 to qualified charitable organizations like The Fortune Society. You can check the status of a charity on the website.   

Here at Fortune, we rely on the generosity of donors to serve thousands of justice-involved people every year. In 2021, thanks to charitable giving, Fortune has: 

  • Launched the Grow with Google Career Readiness program that aims to improve participants’ digital literacy; 
  • Opened a new service facility in the Bronx with affordable homes for justice-involved seniors experiencing homelessness; and 
  • Helped pass the Less is More Act into New York state law; the bill prevents recently paroled prisoners from being re-incarcerated on a technical violation, like missing a curfew.  

Please consider making a gift to The Fortune Society by Dec. 31 so we can continue offering innovative services to thousands of justice-involved people and advocating for a fairer criminal justice system.

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