Community Support Made Gregory’s Transformation Possible

Community Support Made Gregory’s Transformation Possible


Since he was 15 years old, justice involvement was a part of Gregory’s life. It was a revolving door of despair—and he doesn’t sugar coat it: “I was a mess,” he says. During his last period of incarceration, something finally clicked. No particular person or circumstance was the cause of his life choices. Instead, he needed to take a hard look in the mirror.

“I didn’t have a messed-up life. I messed up my life. That was my big issue: I blamed everybody else instead of blaming myself…”

Assuming responsibility for his choices set him on a path of transformation. When released, that path led him to The Fortune Society.

At Fortune, Gregory is realizing his life’s potential for the first time. Help other individuals reimagine freedom after prison—give to Fortune today.


From creativity to housing, The Fortune Society is a space for Gregory to flourish. Writing poetry in our creative writing classes is a positive outlet for self-expression. Inside The Fortune Academy, our housing development in West Harlem, he has a safe and supportive place to live. And through various volunteer opportunities, he pays it forward by helping fellow participants succeed.

One year after he first walked through our doors, Gregory’s story is now filled with new meanings of freedom.

Help us provide transformative reentry services to more people coming home from prison. Support Fortune and reimagine freedom today.


Gregory, a participant who found reentry success at The Fortune Society

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