Celebrating Women at The Fortune Society and Creating a Gender Equal World

Celebrating Women at The Fortune Society and Creating a Gender Equal World


For International Women’s Day 2020, The Fortune Society is excited to celebrate the powerful and dynamic women who make Fortune a formidable space for creating change everyday. In honor of this year’s theme, #EachforEqual, a group of women staff members shared reflections on this year’s theme and what it means in the context of their work at Fortune.

“I think #EachforEqual embodies perfectly the work that Fortune does, because the organization is full of men and women who advocate for a truly rehabilitative criminal justice system for everyone…” said Victoria Nieves, Senior Court Report Writer.

“Every woman at Fortune inspires me because the work they dedicate themselves to is not easy, and they do it anyway because they are fighting for a greater good," she said. "I am so thankful for their knowledge, strength, and their heart.”

On International Women’s Day, Patricia Ramjohn, Director of our Alternatives to Incarceration program, especially wants to affirm Fortune’s commitment to developing a “workforce that fosters the unique qualities, perspectives and approaches that women bring to the workplace.”

“I have had the opportunity to work with many women at Fortune, from executive level to front line staff,” she said. “Each one inspires me...they continue to motivate and support other women, helping them stand up for equality for themselves and generations to come.”

The month of March is an inspiring time to celebrate the social, economic, and political achievements of women as well as the work that remains towards achieving gender parity. We can achieve an environment for women of all backgrounds to take action against inequality with the power of collective individualism—celebrating differences while working together.

“We are all parts of a whole—our actions, our mindsets,” said Michelle Miles, Career Advisor. “Together we can make change happen.”

To achieve gender equality, it’s important for every citizen, regardless of gender, to contribute to conversations even when they can be difficult to have.

“#EachforEqual means that each person can help fight for equality for all,” said Leisha Cason, Development Assistant.

“#EachForEqual means everyone, not just women, but men especially, fighting for and uplifting women, and bringing awareness to how we are systematically mistreated and overlooked and not taken seriously, and that means having tough conversations,” said Victoria. “But we shouldn't and simply can't afford to not have those conversations just because they are uncomfortable.”

For International Women’s Day 2020 and beyond, let’s each one of us help create a gender equal world free of biases, stereotypes, and discrimination. At Fortune, it’s especially a time to remember and address the unique needs and experiences of women and girls with justice involvement, and empower them to succeed.

“Every day at Fortune, you see women in the struggle fighting just to be equal,” said Alisha Bailey, Alternatives to Incarceration Counselor. “All through the halls of Fortune, women are paving the way, coming from behind the desks, building relationships, fighting biases, taking a stand for equality, and celebrating each other.”

Throughout the month of March, we’ll be sharing photos and responses from women staff on social media for #WomensHistoryMonth. Follow along on Instagram and Twitter.

Special thanks to Fortune’s ATI Counselor Alisha Bailey for making this project for International Women’s Day 2020 possible.

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