Access to Vaccination: Nestor and the Digital Divide

Access to Vaccination: Nestor and the Digital Divide


As COVID-19 vaccines become available to more and more peopleNew Yorkers continue to gain access to vaccine appointments. Among this population of newly vaccinated New Yorkers is Nestor, who spoke about the benefits of vaccination and the challenges he faced in trying to secure his dose. 

Nestor made up his mind early on to receive the vaccine but struggled with scheduling an appointment as most resources are online. For someone who doesn’t own a computer, the task of setting up a vaccination appointment was challenging. Luckily, Fortune reached out to Nestor to aid him in the process. 

“I was told to go online and make a date. It was confusing to me,” Nestor said. “It was a blessing that Fortune was there.”

Whether it be a lack of access to proper technology or unfamiliarity with the appointment process, Nestor is one of many justice-involved, eligible vaccine candidates facing barriers to getting inoculated.  

“I think because of the language, a lot of people don’t know [the information],” Nestor said. “I’m not computer savvy. There’s a lot of people like me.”

Fortune aims to demystify the vaccination process for clients by helping them access necessary technology and navigate the appointment process  This includes reaching out to clients to book appointments and providing them with access to computers and Wi-Fi. 

With Fortune’s help, Nestor is now happily vaccinated., and he’s encouraging others to get vaccinated as well.

He said, “I think [vaccination] was the right thing to do, to protect myself and others.”

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