A Reason to Run

A Reason to Run


On Sunday, our Fortune Flyers participated in the TSC NYC Marathon. They ran to raise funds for our mission and services.

Since 1967, we’ve empowered individuals with justice involvement to prepare for life journeys in community reentry. Like our Flyers in the marathon, our participants work hard to ensure that their paths are successful. And our dedicated staffers, many of whom have justice involvement experience themselves, help them do just that.

Some participants even give forward to their community and Fortune by running in the marathon themselves. For former participants Soulieo Kirby and Thabbit Iddin, this year is a repeat marathon completion—another successful run to add to their lists.

Through our variety of services, from Education to Substance Use Treatment, participants find holistic ways to overcome obstacles and thrive. And in addition to staff members, cheering them on are a multitude of individuals from the community. These supporters understand that contributions to Fortune are investments in their own well beings. Indeed, when individuals with justice involvement thrive, communities and family bonds are stronger.

On Sunday, Fortune participants and staff were honored to run alongside many of these contributors, including David Kochman, Evangelina Kreeger, and Joanne Laine. Their marathon preparation and fundraising efforts are a testament to the impact of community participation in social progress. In fact, this year’s total marathon efforts resulted in over $45,000 raised!

Though the marathon has ended, our daily race continues. Your contributions sustain our efforts, helping many more individuals with justice involvement soar. Join our team: Become a monthly supporter today.

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