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  • July 16, 2021 NPR
    Casimiro Torres Remembers Those He Buried On NYC’s Hart Island

    More than 1 million people are buried on New York City's Hart Island, making it one of the country's largest cemeteries. The city has used a potter's field there for more than 150 years to bury the remains of unidentified or unclaimed people and those whose families can't pay burial costs.

  • July 20, 2021 StoryCorps
    Honoring the Penniless and Forgotten: A Man’s Reflection On Hart Island

    It is estimated that more than one million people are buried in New York City’s Hart Island, the city’s public cemetery, and the final resting place for unclaimed, penniless or unidentified individuals.

  • October 26, 2021 WCNY
    Outreach encouraged, as COVID-19 vaccination rates lag in NY prisons

    Andre Ward, a co-founder of the COVID Justice Coalition, calls out the Cuomo administration for not doing enough to ensure incarcerated New Yorkers are getting vaccinated for COVID-19 and calls on the state to increase vaccine data transparency.

  • April 09, 2021 WHYY Health - The Pulse
    The Pulse: Healthcare Behind Bars

    More than 2 million people in the U.S. are incarcerated — and tens of thousands have had COVID-19. The pandemic has brought more attention than ever to the barriers to healthcare in prisons and jails. But this has been a problem since long before COVID-19. Incarceration stamps lasting effects on people’s health, and sends ripple effects beyond the prison walls, into the lives and health of people living on the outside.

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