How We Help Dads Become Role Models: Felix’s Story

How We Help Dads Become Role Models: Felix’s Story


Felix Guzman had very few male role models growing up. When his dad passed, the number grew even smaller. At 14, he was robbed at gunpoint. Writing poetry and reading books became an outlet for the hurt he felt, but unresolved anger led to justice involvement.

When released, opportunities for successful community reentry were slim. And while the family dynamic between himself and the mother of his son was strong at first, the relationship strained over time.

Finally, Felix discovered Fortune. Through our doors, he found the support he needed to turn his life around. Other dads with justice involvement need us, too. Give today.

“Since coming to Fortune…everything seems to connect,” he says, “I mean, it’s addressing every facet of a person’s well-being, their full identity.”


Felix is committed to playing an integral role in his son’s life. Our multifaceted programs are there every step of the way. In our Family Services program, one-on-one counseling with staff members who truly care is helping him be the role model he didn’t have:

“…what brought me to Fortune was having to learn how to be a man in a society that’s not always kind.”


Felix Guzman, Family Services participant at The Fortune Society

Plus, for the first time, through therapy tailored specifically for individuals with justice involvement, he’s learning how to properly resolve conflict in healthy ways. With an optimistic outlook on life, his ability to be the dad his child can look up to has never been greater. With your contributions, we transform fathers into role models.

“Coming to Fortune, I realized what I had to do for myself to stay a positive influence in my child’s life.”


Dad, poet, advocate: Felix’s story is but one example of our community-supported impact. More stories are waiting to be told. Will you help bring them to light? Donate to The Fortune Society today.

Felix Guzman, Family Services participant at The Fortune Society

Help Dads Thrive After Incarceration

*Written by Root Stitches LLC

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