Fortune’s 2019 Advocacy Platform

Fortune’s 2019 Advocacy Platform


Though The Fortune Society will be 52 years old this year, its dedication to reforming our criminal justice system remains as spirited as ever. Launched in 2007, Fortune’s David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy (DRCPP) is an arm within the organization that is particularly focused on policy development, advocacy, technical assistance, training, research, and community education. Through this work, DRCPP works hard to build legal systems and alternative approaches to justice that are compassionate and human-centered; change laws and policies that are not in line with community sustainability and success; advance program models that lead to hope for individuals with justice involvement; and change public opinion around justice involvement.

DRCPP’s 2019 advocacy platform outlines three frameworks that will guide their work this year: 

Reconstructing Justice

  • Promoting equitable policing, prosecutorial, and sentencing policies to reduce unnecessary criminalization and destructive reliance on incarceration.

  • Advocating to improve conditions of confinement and increase access to vital services for people currently incarcerated while working to close Rikers Island.

  • Defending the interests of individuals, families, and communities caught at the intersection of the criminal legal and immigration systems.

Reshaping Access

  • Protecting rights to healthcare, housing, employment, and education for people with legal system involvement regardless of their race, gender, citizenship, age, zip code, or income.

  • Providing expertise and technical assistance locally and nationwide to expand safe, stable and affordable housing options for people with conviction histories.

  • Serving as an institutional plaintiff in litigation targeting discrimination based on justice involvement including housing and employment policies.

Raising Consciousness

  • Developing narratives with a call for meaningful change that respect people’s humanity, while drawing attention to life experiences often silenced, ignored or marginalized.

  • Sharing our values, insight and recommendations with the community and elected officials through testimony at government hearings, agency visits, and public events.

  • Fostering personal expression through the creative arts to develop and deepen connections between people affected by overlapping inequities.

For more information on DRCPP, including their vision plan and key initiatives, visit their dedicated page. 

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