Discover Fortune’s 2019 Legislative Agenda

Discover Fortune’s 2019 Legislative Agenda


The work that The Fortune Society does is not just for those who walk through its doors. In addition to direct impact services, Fortune’s David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy (DRCPP) is committed to advancing broader reform efforts that help millions of individuals with justice involvement thrive in their communities.

In its 2019 State Legislative Agenda, Fortune is focusing its policy reform efforts on three key priorities:

  • Calling on elected officials in Albany to support programs that foster successful re-entry.

  • Protect immigrants from deportation and warrantless arrests.

  • Close the homelessness/prison-to-shelter pipeline.

“Fortune will be a strong and ever-present force in the halls of Albany to ensure that our elected officials enact measures that result in a more humane, smarter, more efficient and fairer system of justice."

JoAnne Page, President and CEO of @thefortunesoc Tweet

Here are the legislative proposals that align with Fortune’s 2019 priorities:

  • Elder Parole (A.04319/S.02144)

  • Fair and Timely Parole (A.4346/S.497)

  • Community Supervision Revocation Reform Act (A. same-as number pending/S.1343a)

  • Prison Minimum Wage Act (A.1275/S.11317)

  • One Day to Protect New Yorkers (A.4469/S.1825)

  • Protect Our Courts Act (A.02176/S.00425)

Learn more about each of these proposals in Fortune’s press release announcing its legislative agenda.

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