Care Management: Rebuilding Lives Through Access to Healthcare and Treatment

Care Management: Rebuilding Lives Through Access to Healthcare and Treatment


Navigating the healthcare system is complex, and maintaining one’s health and well-being is often easier said than done. But for people with justice involvement, it can be especially daunting, both while serving time in correctional facilities and reentering the community.

As explored in our latest issue of The Fortune News on Care Management, there are several reasons why accessing medical care is particularly overwhelming for people with justice involvement—a lack of trust in medical professionals, lapses in obtaining insurance, and barriers to obtaining medical records, to name a few. Additionally, it can be easy to neglect one’s health when there are competing priorities after incarceration, such as reconnecting with loved ones, finding housing and employment, and more.

In our most recent issue of The Fortune News, which is sent to incarcerated people across the country, we provide valuable resources on navigating medical care during and after incarceration. Through a range of perspectives and articles, this edition aims to help people with justice involvement improve their health and well-being.

Here are some highlights:

· Discover how Fortune’s Care Management Unit is connecting individuals with chronic health needs to care
· Read a comprehensive guide on navigating access to medical care in prison and during reentry, written by our Director of Research Micaela Linder
· Learn what advice Charles, a Fortune participant, has for people seeking medical care after prison
· Understand how therapy can be a key first step in managing mental health for life and coping with the stressors of coming home after prison, written by Better Living Center Program Director Maggie Greene


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