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The Politics of Privatizing Care Packages

For many incarcerated people, a box of candy, socks, and beef jerky is more than just a treat: It’s a lifeline to the outside world and a small reminder of the humanity that the prison system works overtime to wrench away from them. Now, thanks to a directive from New York governor Andrew Cuomo, those lifelines have just gotten shorter for incarcerated people across the state. Beginning in January 2018, [incarcerated adults] at the maximum-security Greene, Green Haven, and Taconic correctional facilities in New York State will no longer be able to receive packages directly from family members or friends.

“It’s another example of the poorest and the most marginalized population continually paying the price for policy on the state level that we should really just stop,” Stanley Richards of the Fortune Society, a group that helps [incarcerated individuals] when they’re released, told the New York Daily News when the directive was announced last year.

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