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A Statement on the Parole of Judith Clark

JoAnne Page, President & CEO of The Fortune Society, issued the following statement about the parole of Judith Clark:

Judith Clark committed a terrible crime in 1981 and was given an extraordinary punishment of 75 years to life.  Over her 38 years in prison, however, she gained deep insight into the harm she caused and demonstrated sincere remorse for her actions. Through her remarkable and countless good deeds behind bars, she has earned redemption and the parole she was granted today. 

My personal history as a child of the Holocaust whose family was killed in cold blood by the Nazis has taught me powerful lessons about rage and redemption. In my work at The Fortune Society, I believe in a system of justice that works in a full circle. There needs to be accountability and punishment for acts of damage and violence. But there must also be room for redemption and healing.

Today, we are gratified and grateful for the Parole Board’s decision to grant Judith the freedom she has earned. 

We also hope for the continued healing of the O’Grady, Brown and Paige families.

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