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Wednesday, June 01, 2022


11:00AM to 9:00PM



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Affirming Fatherhood: Building Great Men through Positive Parenting

Affirming Fatherhood New York: Building Great Men through Positive Parenting is a two-part virtual conference full of resources, coaching, and educational workshops to help fathers and practitioners learn how to navigate and reduce roadblocks that sometimes hinder fathers from being consistently involved with their families. 

Studies have shown that a father’s involvement has a considerable impact on the well-being and outcome of the children and the community. Children who grow up with involved fathers experience better mental, emotional, educational, and social outcomes, and are more likely to do better in school and less likely to experience teen pregnancy and the juvenile justice system.

The Fortune Society will have its own virtual “booth” throughout the conference. Fortune employees will also be speaking at one of the sessions: “Women Working in Fatherhood” which explores how women can effectively deliver front-line fatherhood services such as case management and group facilitation.

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