Zachary Runs for Second Chances

Zachary Runs for Second Chances


Zachary Forman is joining the Fortune Flyer team once again to raise money for The Fortune Society as he runs in the upcoming New York City Marathon.  

Zachary first ran as a Fortune Flyer in November 2019 and shared that he loved the experience of both running and being able to support an organization that meant a lot to his family. Zachary was first introduced to Fortune through his mother, who is a volunteer math teacher in our Education program, but he is also passionate about Fortune’s dedication to providing reentry services and advocacy. 

“I am a big believer in second chances. I always have been. Mainly because I needed that. I got in a lot of trouble and was arrested a couple of times. I had to put my life back together,” he said.

As Zachary began his journey of sobriety, he also found a love for running. “Running was a way for me to clear my mind. It became my meditative practice.”  

Now as a Fortune Flyer, Zachary is able to combine his commitment to second chances with a passion for running. He also extends his commitment to supporting Fortune beyond just fundraising through the marathon. He regularly works with Employment Services to provide job placements for people coming home after incarceration and looking for meaningful work. 

“I oversee a string of cafes in the city, so I have been in contact with the [Employment Services] to try and help people looking for work get work. I have had several interviews with applicants [from Fortune] and we even hired two of them," said Zachary. "I am constantly reaching out when we have job openings to see if we can help get people back to work.”

Thank you for your commitment to Fortune, Zachary – we can’t wait to cheer you on during the marathon in November! 

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