The Fortune Arts Community Unveils Two New Projects

The Fortune Arts Community Unveils Two New Projects


The Creative Arts community at Fortune continues to promote the healing and transformative power of art, encouraging participants to tap into their creative sides to create meaningful projects.  

Now, we are thrilled to share two new projects! They have been working on Success Stories Vol. 2, a new music compilation and In Case of Emergency, Write a Poem, a spoken word album. The talents of Fortune staff and community members are featured on the albums. They have contributed to writing, performing, mixing and producing every track.

In Case of Emergency, Write a Poem

This powerful spoken word album captures the collaborative spirit of our community, weaving personal narratives and self-expression to amplify the voices of those affected by the trauma of incarceration. Each track is a clarion call for transformative justice and a more equitable collective future.   

Success Stories Vol. 2 

The Fortune Society Creative Arts Community brings you a compilation album that includes talented artists from across the organization, strengthening the bond between staff and participants. The album weaves together the power and potential of diverse struggles. This musical collaboration features artists who convert their unique challenges into soul-stirring compositions. It is a testament to resilience, uncovering hidden talents and providing a platform for voices often overlooked. Through this creative synergy, the project not only spotlights individual stories but also fosters a collective empowerment that transcends the boundaries of adversity.

“The Basics” Music Video

Check out the music video for “The Basics,” featuring talented Fortune community members. This powerful video accompanies the songs on the album, further emphasizing its message of resilience and speaking truth.

To learn more about Fortune’s Arts community, check out the Art Portal 

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