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Our Services During COVID-19

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our clients, staff and volunteers and continuing to provide key services until the COVID-19 emergency subsides. Although our services in Long Island City are closed, we will instead provide most services remotely.

As possible, we plan to continue providing current and new clients with services including intakes and enrollment, counseling, case management, access to benefits, job readiness training and employment services, education, mental health, treatment services, and food distribution.

For all new clients and referrals, please contact us at our general number: 212-691-7554

For questions about department-specific services, please contact:

Court Advocacy:

Court Advocates are remotely accepting referrals for our services from court/community partners via telephone or video, including pleas for felony matters. Additionally, they will conduct housing screenings via telephone or video for our new housing facility opening April 15th, 2020.

Paul Plumitallo,, 929-487-9482


Staff are remotely accepting new referrals for individuals in the community on parole and for individuals detained on violations of parole, and are following up with existing clients. Bronx and Queens County Reentry Task Forces are operating, accepting new referrals, and coordinating services remotely. Staff are conducting all communications via telephone or video.

Denisha Rapier,, 929-487-9480


Staff are conducting admissions via telephone or video.

James Judd,, 929-487-9817

Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI):

Staff are conducting individual counseling and group sessions via telephone or video.

Patricia Ramjohn,, 929-487-9479

Benefits Access: 

Staff are providing all services via telephone or video, including applications for SNAP, Medicaid, cash assistance, unemployment, birth certificates, New York State ID, etc.

Nicholas Posada,, 929-487-9811

Care Management/Healthcare:

Staff are accepting new enrollments and providing connections to healthcare, mental health and substance use treatment, Medicaid activation/reactivation, and medical transportation. They are also providing connections to parole mandates, 2010e application assistance, and connections to home and community-based services for those who qualify (peer services, educational and employment supportive services, psychosocial rehabilitation, etc.).

Tamele Goffin,, 347-510-3455

Creative Arts:

Staff are providing creative writing workshops, art classes, and acting classes via telephone or video.

Jamie Maleszka,, 347-510-3668

Drop In Center:

Staff are following up with community clients on medical care continuity via telephone or video. They are sending letters to active clients who remain in custody.

Nilda Ricard,, 646-937-5358


Virtual High School Equivalency classes will resume Monday, April 6, 2020. Once resumed, day classes will be available Monday – Thursday from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm, and evening classes will run from 6-8pm.

Virtual training courses will be available in Social Services 101, Environmental Remediation, and Green Building Operations and Maintenance., 347-510-3628


Staff will provide virtual Soft Skills Job Readiness Training program workshops on interview preparation. Workplace and retention success workshops will also continue.

The Transitional Work Program will continue via telephone and video, offering paid, part-time, 10-week internships with partnering employers throughout NYC, coupled with case management and a weekly job club., 347-510-3628

Family Services:

Staff are providing all services via telephone and video, including domestic violence groups and individual and group counseling sessions.

James Judd,, 929-487-9918

Food and Nutrition:

Grab and go meals at our Harlem location are available for current residents. Fresh food curbside distribution will continue on Wednesdays at 3pm.

Jaime McBeth,, 646-937-5357


Our housing program in West Harlem is still open and operating. However, we are currently not accepting new residents for our congregate and scattered-site housing programs. We hope to have additional capacity shortly, and will keep stakeholders updated and informed of our progress. We will open a new housing facility in East Harlem on April 15th, 2020.

For questions about upcoming housing, contact Paul Plumitallo,, 929-487-9482

I-CAN (Prepare for Release):

Jail-Based: Staff are providing curricula and handouts to clients (there is no on-site facilitator), as well as offering transportation for those released. Hotline: 347-510-3436

Community-Based: Staff are providing intakes and case management services face-to-face and via telephone or video, including referrals for housing, training, employment and education services, and providing food and clothing. Staff are also conducting toxicology screenings and virtual groups via telephone or video, and providing incentives (only available through face-to-face activity). Hotline 347-510-3436

Jails to Jobs (J2J): Staff are providing remote assessments and intakes via telephone or video. All work readiness workshops are virtual. Transitional Work Program participants will report to the site to receive program incentives (only available through face-to-face activity). Samantha Pugh,, 347-988-0297

Mental Health Services at The Better Living Center:

Staff are accepting new referrals and conducting Telehealth sessions via telephone or video, including initial assessments, psychiatric evaluations, individual therapy, crisis intervention, and medication management follow-up sessions.

Andrew Tate,, 929-487-9916

Substance Use Treatment Services:

Staff are accepting new referrals and conducting Telehealth sessions via telephone or video, including initial assessments and individual counseling, and group sessions.

Jasmine Lastra,, 929-487-9495

Additionally,  follow us on social media for regular updates:

Twitter: @thefortunesoc

Facebook: The Fortune Society

Instagram: @fortunesociety

From all of us at The Fortune Society, please remain safe, be gentle and kind to each other, and look out for those in need.


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