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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Bus: 8:00am
Rally: 1:30pm


Million Dollar Steps, Albany, NY

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One Day to Protect New Yorkers

The One Day to Protect New Yorkers campaign supports a bill (A.4881/S.4294) that would amend NY law to reduce the maximum sentence on class A misdemeanor offenses by one day. If passed, the bill would change the maximum sentence to 364 days. This change would apply retroactively for anyone previously convicted of a class A misdemeanor. 

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the United States are at risk of detention and deportation due to the combination of current immigration enforcement policies that target people with past or ongoing encounters with the justice system, and the harsh federal immigration laws enacted in 1996.  Due to some idiosyncrasies in the drafting of federal immigration laws, New York’s one year maximum sentence for class A misdemeanors has extraordinary, harsh, and disproportionate consequences for immigrant New Yorkers.

This bill will:

  • Prevent deportation based on a misdemeanor offense
  • Restore discretion to immigration judges
  • Protect vulnerable New Yorkers
  • Benefit the NY criminal justice system through more efficient plea negotiations, fewer unnecessary trials, and reduced pre-trial detention and post-conviction relief motions.

For more on the campaign, download the Fact Sheet here.

Join Us in Albany on May 22

On May 22nd, The Fortune Society, Immigrant Defense Project, and other allies held a rally in Albany to urge lawmakers to pass bill A.4881/S.4294. 

Read the press release here, and view photos from the rally on our Facebook album.

In conjunction with our May 22nd rally, we also held a Twitter Storm to engage the online public. 

Take a look at some of our responses:

Even though the Twitter Storm is over, it’s never too late to raise awareness of the campaign on social media – simply use the #OneDayMatters hashtag when posting.

Here are some sample tweets:

  • Reducing the maximum sentence for misdemeanor charges by just one day can save thousands of New Yorkers from the risk of deportation. Join me in supporting #OneDayMatters to protect immigrant rights. bit.ly/onedaymatters
  • #OneDayMatters to prevent deportations, restore discretion to immigration judges, protect vulnerable New Yorkers, and create a more efficient and fair criminal justice system. Support bill A.4881/S.4294 for a better New York. bit.ly/onedaymatters
  • New York’s one year maximum sentence for class A misdemeanors has extraordinary, harsh, and disproportionate consequences for immigrant New Yorkers. Reducing this sentence by just one day can protect our immigrant communities. #OneDayMatters bit.ly/onedaymatters
  • Under current NY penal law, immigrants convicted of a single misdemeanor charge face disproportionately harsh immigration consequences. Reducing the max. sentence by 1 day would allow for fairer treatment. #OneDayMatters to preserve the diversity of New York. bit.ly/onedaymatters
  • For the 22% of New Yorkers born outside the US, the state’s 1-year maximum sentence for class A misdemeanors can have devastating effects. Reducing this by just one day can restore discretion to judges and protect immigrant rights. #OneDayMatters bit.ly/onedaymatters
  • Over 90k are convicted of class A misdemeanors each year. For New Yorkers that are also immigrants, this conviction carries disproportionate consequences such as deportation. Support #OneDayMatters to reform penal law and create a fairer justice system bit.ly/onedaymatters

For more ways to spread the word on your social networks, download our Social Media Toolkit here.

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