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Saturday, February 17, 2018


1:00 - 2:30 PM


Legislative Office Building
3rd Floor Terrace
198 State St
Albany, NY 12210

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Humanizing the Issue: Criminal Justice Reform

In this interactive panel discussion, people directly impacted by the criminal justice system share their diverse experiences as testimonials for why criminal justice reform is desperately needed.

Touching upon issues such as speedy trial, cash bail, discovery transparency, immigration consequences, and others, this forum will provide an opportunity for legislatures and elected officials to speak with experts in the reentry field.

Read the bios of our panelists and register below.

Humanizing the Issue: Criminal Justice Reform

Brittany Smith, Director of Education, The Fortune Society

Brittany Smith is the Director of Education at The Fortune Society. She plays an integral role in the development of students by strategically directing and shaping the curricula and teaching processes in the classroom, as a means to create meaningful educational experiences tailored to their individual needs. Smith believes in cultivating an atmosphere for all students to explore their interests both in and out of the classroom, especially with regards to the students using their voice as a tool for both self-advocacy and empowerment. As a formerly incarcerated individual, she is passionate about ensuring each student receives the services, tools, and networks they need to overcome the obstacles of their own justice involvement.

Nelson Rivera, Case Manager, The Fortune Society

Nelson Rivera is currently employed as a Case Manager for the Justice Involved Supportive Housing Program at The Fortune Society. He manages a caseload of approximately 15 people with extremely high needs. Nelson is also an inspiring motivational speaker and hopes to use his voice and experiences to become a prominent national advocate for social justice reform. After spending ten consecutive years incarcerated within the federal prison system, Nelson is leveraging his personal experiences to inform policymakers, motivate other formerly incarcerated leaders to speak truth to power, and grow as a zealous advocate for justice system reform and ending mass incarceration. Nelson has a passion for social and criminal justice advocacy, ending homelessness, and his family- especially his children. He regularly seeks ways to integrate all three into his life, both personally and professionally.

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