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Sunday, December 31, 2023

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Helping More Than Ever Before

Helping More Than Ever Before

Please consider making a donation this holiday season so we can continue supporting more individuals and families in 2024.

On June 30, New York City canceled a $3 million Fortune program that served people incarcerated at the notorious Rikers Island as part of city budget cuts. With asylum seekers overwhelming the city and state, we are expecting even more cuts. And private foundations are also shifting resources to address the influx of asylum seekers. We are heading into one of the worst financial climates in Fortune’s 56 years.

Fortune’s work to protect people from the traumas and injustices of the criminal legal system remains crucial to the individuals, the communities, and the City we serve. Last fiscal year, we helped more people than ever before—11,463 with job placement, hot meals, housing, mental health treatment, substance abuse recovery, and more. On any given night, The Fortune Society is housing more than 800 people.

We are working to expand and enhance our programs whenever possible. We now have sixteen different program areas. In addition to serving more participants than ever last year, we:

  • Opened three new housing residences across the City
  • Provided job training and placement services to 1,935 people
  • Delivered mental health treatment to 340 individuals
  • Provided substance use treatment to 480 people

Individually, you cannot replace a large government contract like the one that the City dissolved this year, but collectively you ALL can make a big difference. Your donation goes to providing meals for hungry New Yorkers, beds for homeless New Yorkers, benefits for those struggling to make ends meet and jobs for individuals reentering the workforce. Every dollar makes a difference.


“[Fortune] opened my eyes because of the period I was coming from before this; I needed somebody to tell me how to leave things at the door and what to focus on instead. It’s good to have a reminder that there are people in your corner who are rooting for you and can guide you. It kept me on the right track.” 


“The staff here is great! There are staff members who aren’t even my case manager that assist me. If I see them walking on the floor out there and I ask for help, they’ll try their best to do what they can, even if that case manager is not assigned to me.”


“Fortune showed me that life is good. You’re never too old to learn, and you’re never too old to grasp your dreams and believe in yourself. And you’re not alone. You’ll knock at that door, and they’ll welcome you with open arms. That’s what Fortune showed me.” 


Please make a contribution of whatever you can afford. We will put it to great use transforming lives.

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