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Thursday, December 01, 2022

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Will you help us fight for housing justice?

Please consider making a donation this holiday season so more people can have a home for the holidays.



Meet Hilton

An artist, social worker and advocate for the Fair Chance for Housing campaign. He is also a resident at the Castle, our transitional housing residence for formerly-incarcerated people. Hilton is a  fierce advocate of the Fair Chance for Housing Act, up for consideration again in the current New York City legislative session – and it is imperative that it is passed to give our participants a real opportunity to find safe, secure and affordable housing.

I was fortunate to have found The Fortune Society and moved into their transitional housing facility, the Castle. Yet, because of background checks, I am stuck in transitional housing rather than moving on and making much needed room for the next released person. I’ve served my time and done my part to change; now, it is time for New York to change.”

Meet Vilma

Vilma Donovan is a beloved member of the Fortune community, successful actor and Executive Assistant to our Executive Vice President. Despite these accomplishments, she faced many barriers to finding secure and permanent housing due to her conviction history. Instead of looking to Vilma’s past, we look at the person she is today – and encourage housing providers to do the same.

“I filled out application after application. I really strived to become a changed person – through therapy, through groups. And even then, I never got a call back on any of those applications. When is my past going to stop being put up front? Enough is enough. 


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