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“It gives you purpose and satisfaction to see participants make progress. When you can tell a participant ‘I’m proud of you’ and see them embrace that, it changes your life.”
- Michael Perez ATI Program Supervisor
“We all want to help that someone, give somebody hope, and give them a second opportunity. We believe in change.”
- Nancy Lopez Director of Centralized Admissions
“It is [like family here]. It really is. And it’s driven from the top down and from the bottom up. It goes both ways.”
- Virginia Lasoski-Nepa Senior Director of Family Services and Admissions
“It’s a very inviting culture. You can just be yourself. There's so many varying backgrounds between participants and staff, people just accept you for who you are.”
- Latisha Millard Senior Director of Scatter Site Housing
“With our doors wide open, we welcome individuals who have hit rock bottom and guide them to thrive as contributing members of society.”
- Jonathan Quispe Residential Aide Supervisor
“I am proud to be an employee at The David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy (DRCPP), dedicating my time to advocate for the complete overhaul of our criminal justice system.”
- Danielle Rosario Policy Counsel, DRCPP
“I have held various positions at Fortune that have allowed me to become familiar with the challenges our participants face and the programs we need to address these obstacles.”
- Kandra Clark Grant Writer


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