Make Fortune a Part of Your Holiday Table

Make Fortune a Part of Your Holiday Table


Each Wednesday on West 140th Street in Harlem, community members flock to Castle Gardens for free bags of locally grown produce. These bags of fresh food are paired with recipes suggesting how the ingredients can be prepared in delicious and nutritious ways.

Neighbors come together to share updates on family and life while swapping recipes and ideas on how to prepare each week’s bag of goods. They teach one another about food from all over the world.   

This holiday season will be no different – residents of Castle Gardens and their neighbors from the Harlem community count on the fresh, nutritious and festive recipes and free produce that is provided by Fortune. Next week’s bag will include everything they need to make a holiday meal along with a recipe for a classic and favorite side dish: candied yams.

If you want to prepare this recipe for candied yams at your own Thanksgiving table and bring a piece of the Fortune community to your own table of family and friends, now you can! We have included a simple yet delicious recipe for you to share with your own community.  

Our Food and Nutrition Department is always putting together creative recipes to share with the Fortune community. If you want to check out more recipes, head to our YouTube page filled with cooking demonstrations and lessons from Fortune chefs. 

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