Fortune Food Program Participants Prepare Staff Breakfast

Friday, October 24, 2014

October 23rd, students from the Reading 2 class, with the help of Kristen Pederson and Kevin Neely, cooked a fantastic breakfast for Fortune participants and staff.

The Basics

What: Fortune Society Student Chefs Class of 155 Breakfast
When: Thursday, October 23, 2014
Time: 7am -10:30 am
Program: Education, The Fortune Food Program
Fortune Involvement: Students cooked breakfast for participants and staff
# of Attendees: 60+

The Details
On September 9, students in the education department’s Reading 2 class decided that they wanted to cook breakfast for The Fortune Society.  The education department thought it would be a great idea because it allowed older students an opportunity to show off their cooking skills and involved younger students who had just graduated from Fortune’s Culinary program.  Students were thrilled and came up with a budget, menu and plan of action.  Kevin Neely, Fortune’s resident chef, was extremely gracious, allowing students access to his kitchen and supplies. Many thanks to Kristen Pederson who made the breakfast possible though the Fortune Food Program.

Students stayed after classes on Wednesday, October 22, in order to prep for Thursday’s breakfast.  Their leader, Annette LeGrand was responsible for morale and made sure that everyone was on task.  Billy Benson, a former cook at Rikers Island, worked tirelessly and even brought his own special seasoning for the home fries, which were delicious.  When Annette was detained by the police on Wednesday night, Billy stepped in and took over the leadership position.  His energy and equanimity, along with Kevin’s generosity, were the foundation that made the entire breakfast a success.

At 7:00 am on Thursday morning students were at The Fortune Society ready to cook.  By 8:45, the meal was ready. The breakfast was so popular there was a line of staff and participants still waiting as food ran out.  The class was energized by the work they had done and couldn’t stop talking about their accomplishment, even as they were falling asleep from being up since 4 am.  Kristen has invited students to cook Thanksgiving for Fortune and the class is already planning the menu and tackling the thorny issue of how to cook enough turkeys for staff and participants.

The fact that students were excited about coming in hours before classes began is a testament to their engagement at The Fortune Society.  We look forward to cooking more meals for participants and staff.

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