Senior Staff

JoAnne Page, President/CEO
Stanley Richards, Senior Vice President
Leonard Chavis, Vice President of Administration and Finance
Simon Jaffe, Vice President
Sherry Goldstein, VP of Agency Operations
Bill McCormack, Chief Technology Officer
Peggy Arroyo, Vice President
David Nidus, AVP of Employment Services
Jill Poklemba, AVP of Development and Communications
David Solomon, Medicaid Compliance Officer
Jay Cruz, AVP for Human Services
Steve Hickman, Chief Contracts Officer
Ronald Day, AVP of the DRCPP

Yolanda Morales, Senior Director of Transitional Services
Max Lindeman, Senior Director of Housing
Latisha Millard, Senior Director of Housing
Amanda Berman, Senior Director of Court Advocacy
Maria Diaz, Senior Director of Administration
Virginia Lasoski-Nepa, Senior Director of Treatment and Family Services
Sonia Handy, Controller
Anna DeLeon, Senior Director, CIRT
Kavita Gupta, Senior Director of Education
Ryah Parker, Senior Director of EQI